(1) Purpose

Tokyo Regional Sake Awards are held annually during the autumn. The Awards 2020, which were held by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, invited the entries of Sake, Honkaku Shochu, Beer and Happoshu brewed within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. By holding the quality examinations of entries along with the event for providing the opportunity for brewers to ensure the quality of each entry, the awards program aimed at strengthening the foundation of brewing technologies, promoting awareness of alcoholic beverages originally brewed within the jurisdiction, and, in conclusion, supporting the sound development of the alcoholic beverages industry in the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

(2) Date and Place

  Date Place
Quality examinations
(Sake, Honkaku Shochu)
Initial judgment
Final judgment
September 17, September 18, September 24 and September 25, 2020
September 29 and October 2, 2020
Office of Analysis and Brewing Technology,
Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
(9th Floor, Room 911)
Quality examinations
(Beer and Happoshu)
judgement November 10 and November 12, 2020

(3) Entry

The eligible alcoholic beverages for entry were Sake, Honkaku Shochu, Beer and Happoshu originally brewed at breweries within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau and were categorized as shown in the table below.
While there was no restriction on the brewery year for entries in the Kanzake and Junmai Kanzake categories (warmed Sake categories) and the Beer and Happoshu category, the brewery year for other categories must be 2019 (from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020).

Category Brewery Year Specifications
Percentage of Rice Remaining after Polishing (%) Amount of Alcohol Added Alcohol Content (%)
Sake Ginjo Brewery year 2019 Ginjo-shu
except for Junmai
60 or less 10% or less of rice weight Undiluted
Junmai Ginjo Brewery year 2019 Junmai
60 or less None Undiluted
Kanzake - Sake
except for Junmai
- As per commercial
- Junmai-shu - None As per commercial specification
Honkaku Shochu - - 25.0 or more,  less than 26.0
Beer and Happoshu - Beer or Happoshu

(Note) Specifications are according to the Labeling Standards concerning the manufacturing process and quality of sake (National Tax Agency Notification 8 of November 22, 1989).

Tokyo Regional Sake Awards 2020(in English)

  1. 1 Purpose and Outline of the Awards
  2. 2 Statistics of Entry
  3. 3 List of Awarded Breweries
  4. 4 Summary of Quality Examinations
  5. 5 Judges