Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau held Tokyo Regional Sake Awards 2015 and examined the entries in the four categories of Ginjo-shu, Kan (warmed sake), Honkaku Shochu, and Beer (including beer-like beverages). The initial judgment took place on October 6 and 7, and the final judgment on October 9.

Overall, there were entries of 85 items from 35 breweries in the Ginjo-shu category, 29 items from 29 breweries in the Kan (warmed sake) category, 14 items from 8 breweries in the Honkaku Shochu category, and 26 items from 11 breweries in the Beer (including beer-like beverages) category.

Each of the examination was performed by 10 to 13 judges who are proficient in the sensory evaluation of alcoholic beverages. Taste, aroma, and the harmony of taste and aroma were evaluated deliberately and impartially, by using a profiling method and a scoring method.

As a result, the honor prizes were awarded to 12 breweries in the Ginjo-shu category, 9 breweries in the Kan (warmed sake) category and 3 breweries in the Honkaku Shochu category. The awards ceremony was held on November 6 at Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

In addition, the event for providing the opportunity for brewers to see the quality of each entry was held on the same day.

Tokyo Regional Sake Awards 2015(in English)

  1. 1 Purpose and Outline of the Awards
  2. 2 Statistics of Entry
  3. 3 List of Awarded Breweries
  4. 4 Summary of Quality Examinations
  5. 5 Judges