Recommendation for tax payment by transfer account

When you process a payment/estimated prepayment of income tax or payment/interim payment of consumption tax in the case of sole business proprietors, account transfer is appreciated as it is convenient and broadly used by many taxpayers. (Note 1)
Account transfer is a method of tax payment, under which tax payment is automatically processed from taxpayer’s own account of financial institution. (Note 2)

In order to start tax payment by transfer account, you need to submit the request form by the statutory due date to the tax office or financial institution of which deposit/saving account you have and make a payment from that. (Note 3)
You can also submit the form via internet, “e-Tax system”.
Account transfer will continue again next payment without any procedure unless you notify the change of deposit/saving account of payment, quit the payment by transfer or a change of the competent Tax Office due to moving etc.. (Note 4)

You should confirm the balance of your deposit/saving account prior to the date of tax payment by transfer account. Otherwise, if your tax payment by transfer account cannot be made due to an insufficient balance of your account, you will be subject to delinquent tax for the period starting from the day after the statutory due date.

The request form for tax payment by transfer account is available from any tax office and it can be also downloaded from the National Tax Agency Website.(See the instruction for entering the form.)

(Note 1) Transfer account only applies to tax payment regarding final tax returns filed before the due date, estimated prepayment or interim payment. Therefore, that is not processed for payment regarding final tax returns filed after the due date or amended returns.
(Note 2) A receipt for tax payment by bank transfer will not be issued.
(Note 3) If personal seal (Inkan) can be omitted registering when you open an account of financial institution, or you don’t remember which seal you have registered, please contact your bank beforehand.
(Note 4) If the supervising Tax Office with whom you file your return form has changed due to relocation , you must newly apply for payment of tax by transfer account or submit a “Notification of Transfer/Change of Place for Tax Payment” which indicates your intention to continue payment of tax by transfer account after relocating