In conjunction with the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020,
this project aims to promote Japanese alcoholic beverages to the foreign media.

Various types of liquors are produced in Japan, including
Sake,Shochu and Awamori, Whisky, Wine, Umeshu, and Beer.


Geographical Indications (GI) system for Japanese Liquors

The Geographical Indications (GI) system is a system for promoting the appropriate use of the names of production areas. For production areas, this system is effective in establishing a regional brand, thereby differentiating their products from other types of liquors. For consumers, it is effective in enhancing trust by ensuring that products are of a certain quality.

About the Japanese Liquors Promotion Booth

The National Tax Agency established the Japanese Liquors Promotion Booth at the Tokyo Media Center (TMC) in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and webinars about each type of liquor will be held during the Games.

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