• What is Japanese Wine

    Japanese wine is defined as wine that is made in Japan using only grapes harvested in Japan as the ingredient. Wine made with great care by Japanese producers, who value the characteristics of the grapes from their home country, is Japanese wine. This definition is based on the labelling rules established by the National Tax Agency in 2015. All Japanese wines must include the description “Japan Wine” on their labels.

    Production locations

    Along the long north-south extent of the Japanese archipelago, grape cultivation is carried out on a wide variety of terrains (basin, hill, alluvial fan, and river terrace), creating the wine production areas.While these areas generally have higher rainfall and temperatures than the major wine production areas in Europe, efforts have been made to seek out suitable cultivation areas and to cultivate grapes of higher quality from Hokkaido with its cool summers to the warmer climate of Kyushu. As a result, wine production is carried out across the whole of Japan today. Among these, major production areas include Yamanashi Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Hokkaido, Yamagata Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture and Osaka Prefecture.The wide variety of japanese wines is increasing.

    Increase in the number of licensed production sites

    With the growing interest in Japanese wine in recent years, the number of licensed production sites has also increased.