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The results of radiation examination of alcoholic beverages (Last updated on March 19)

For the purpose of providing consumers with safe and good quality alcoholic beverages, the NTA conducts radioactive examination for alcoholic beverages including those for exports.

Within the country, the NTA examines radiation for brewing water located in the liquor manufacturing sites, brewed alcoholic beverages before shipping and even those in a store.

With regard to alcoholic beverages to be exported, the NTA conducts radioactive examination in compliance with the destination law as well as the Japanese law, so that the safety of alcoholic beverages from Japan can be guaranteed internationally. All the samples which have been tested fully comply with the standards on radiation established by both Japan and destination countries.

The NTA conducts these measures in cooperation with the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB), which can conduct advanced analysis and evaluation of alcoholic beverages.

The results are publicly available on the NTA website. (PDF/63KB)

Relevant information

1. Limits for radionuclides in foods in Japan

Standard limits (Radioactive cesium, unit: Bq/kg)
Drinking water 10
Infant foods 50
Milk 50
General foods (including alcoholic beverages) 100

(Source: the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

2. Testing Methods for Radioactive Substances in Food (Notice No. 0315 of the Department of Food Safety, March 15, 2012)

3.New Standard limits for Radionuclides in Foods


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