National Tax College

Training System for Japan's Tax Officials

Short-Term Training Programs

Correspondence training courses aim to provide short-term training necessary for performance of tax officials' duties.

Short-Term Training Programs (at the Central Institute)

Specialized training courses mainly for regional taxation bureau tax officials are offered at the Central Institute to enhance tax officials’ expertise so that they can both smoothly and efficiently perform specialized work and supervise other tax office officials. There are approximately 30 courses, such as hearings, examinations, criminal investigations, litigation and tax collection.

Short-Term Training Programs (at the Regional Training Centers)

These courses are offered to mainly tax office officials in certain level of experience or professional positions to develop their capabilities and qualities.

  • Examination special course
    The course aims to give training for tax officials with a certain a level of experience  in order to improve the practical deliberation ability.
    The course runs for about a week.