National Tax College

Training System for Japan's Tax Officials

Advanced Course (1 year)

This course is for 200 tax officials who have passed a screening test. Candidates need to have a definite term of work experience of 7 years or more but less than 17 years for those employed through Exam for National tax specialist.



  • To enable trainees to obtain the appropriate knowledge and skills for specialists.
  • To make trainees acquire broader perspectives,deeper insights and refined judgement needed to succeed as core officials in tax administration.
  • Tax law subjects including lectures and seminars on tax laws in trainees' areas of specialty and so forth.
  • Accounting subjects including bookkeeping and accounting, and theory of financial statement.
  • Law and economic subjects including administrative law, Civil Code, and Companies Act.
  • Practical subjects including the burden of proof in tax litigation and practical training on international transactions, and others.
Training System
  • Trainees are grouped according to their fields of specialties, such as individual taxation, property taxation, corporation taxation, liquor taxation, revenue management and collection.