National Tax College

About NTC


The National Tax College (NTC) is an institution to provide necessary training to Japan's tax officials as national public employees. NTC consists of the Central Institute—composed today of the Kasumigaseki Office and the Wako Campus—and twelve Regional Training Centers located throughout Japan.
The National Tax Agency employs a staff training system structured around the following three pillars: (1) group training programs provided by NTC, (2) on-the-job training individually provided by supervisors and duty advisors in the course of everyday work, and (3) group training courses held at the workplace. NTC trains new recruits graduated from high school and universities so that they can carry out the duties expected of them as tax officials as well as provides important job training programs for tax officials who are already working in the field, enabling them to keep pace with the most recent changes. Furthermore, NTC engages in academic surveys and research on taxation while providing international training programs for overseas tax officials mostly from Asia as part of international cooperation activities.