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Explanation of the Corporation Sample Survey

  1.   Subjects of survey as of June 30, 2001 are domestic ordinary corporations listed below, which ended each accounting periods between February 1, 2000 and January 31, 2001 (except for special corporations such as the Bank of Japan, Securities exchange, Commodities exchange, Financial futures market, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institution, the Institution of Physical and Chemical Reserch, Japan Information Center for Science and Technology, and Teito Rapid Transit Authority).
  2.   Sampling ratio and Classification of business type
    1. (1) Sampling ratio
          Sample corporations were picked out from all the taxation offices at sampling ratio listed in the following table by capital range.
      Type Average
      sampling ratio
      Companies, etc.
      Capital: Less than 5 million yen
          More than 5 million yen and
           less than 10 million yen
        More than 10 million yen and
            than 50 million yen
        More than 50 million yen and

         less than 100 million yen

        More than 100 million yen and
           less than billion yen
        More than 1 billion yen
      Business cooperative
      Mutual corporation
      Medical corporation
      Average for all the corporations

      ,P Total number of sample corporations is 49,088.
      ,Q Average sampling ration are simple averages based on the numbers of corporations by capital range.

    2. (2) Classification of industries, etc.
      The industries to which corporations, etc. belong are classified into 17 based on the "Japan Standard Industrial Classification" (Ministry of Public Management), and joint business cooperatives, mutual companies and medical corporations are grouped in "other corporations" as an independent classification.
Name of industry Industrial classification
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and fish breeding
Mining Metal mining, coal and lignite mining, crude oil and natural gas mining, and non-ferrous metal mining
Construction General engineering, specialized engineering, and installation works
  Textile Textiles
  Chemical Pulp, paper and paper products; chemicals; petroleum and coal products; rubber products; ceramics stone and clay products
  Steel and metals Steel, non-ferrous metals, and metal products
  Machinery General machinery and equipment, electrical machinery and equipment, and transportation machinery and equipment
  Food Food, and beverages and feed
  Publishing and printing Publishing, printing and related business
  Other manufacturing Other manufacturing
Wholesale Wholesale of various products; wholesale of textiles, machinery, equipment, construction materials, etc.; wholesale of clothes, food, furniture, etc.; export and import business; other wholesale business
Retail Retail of various products; retail of fabrics, clothes and accessories; retail of beverages and food; retail of automobiles and bicycles; retail of furniture, fittings and fixtures; other retail business
Restaurant and hotel General restaurants, other restaurants, and hotel business
Financial and insurance Banking and trust business; other financial business; securities business; commodity trading; insurance business; insurance agent business; insurance services
Real estate Real estate brokerage, and real estate leasing and management business
telecommunications and
public utilities
Railroad business; road-based passenger transportation business; road-based cargo transportation business; shipping; air transportation business; warehousing; transportation-related services; telecommunications; broadcasting; electric supply; gas supply; heat supply; water supply
Service Rental service, movie, leisure, repair, education, other service, and industries that cannot be properly classified
Other corporations Joint business cooperatives, mutual companies, and medical corporations